Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Salesman Business Plan - Put Down Your Pencil

I defy you to write anything before thinking. In fact, there isn't anything that you do that doesn't pass through your brain cells before you do it. Now some things are automatic like blinking or breathing. But the lion's share of the things you do come with forethought.Now it could be argued that some people don't spend much time in the thinking process before the actions begin. That is, they are very reactionary in their decision process. They don't spend time evaluating their actions or the related consequences. Of course we all have done that on occasions. Well, at least I have.However, if you look into the book of Proverbs and chapter two, you will see that there is a lot of consideration going on before any action is taken. And the right consideration leads to sound decisions down the road.Salesman Business Plan- Look To A MentorThe very first command says to look to a mentor, a seasoned person for guidance. Seek out a person who has "been there; done that." Look for a person who has not only earned your respect but the respect of countless others by their work ethic. Observe them closely; listen and learn.Ask this mentor for some private time and delve deeply into what makes them tick. Ask them what their motives and goals are. Ask them why they do the things they do. And above all, ask them to help you emulate their methods. Be brave and ask them to critique what or how you do things. That will give you some amazing insight into your success or failures.

Of course we are all human which means there may be some things this person does that just doesn't fit with your thinking. Perhaps this person smokes or has some other habits that you don't like or don't have. Do what comes natural: breath in the good stuff; breath out the bad stuff. In other words, as a good friend of mine says: "take the best and leave the rest.'Your goal is to get better. That means that some of the things you do must be stopped. You have to learn a different way and humble yourself enough to admit it; be strong enough to change.Salesman Business Plan- Look In The MirrorTake a critical inventory of where you are and how you do things. Ask your mentor for that same evaluation and then compare the two. And then ask your mentor to look at your list. Perhaps he missed something; perhaps you are too hard on yourself.Do you want to make the next year better than the last? Make a lasting course correction by doing these four things:Seek To Know Yourself through a self-evaluation
Seek a Mentor to guide you
Seek God, pray for answers and direction
Psalm 2

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mastering Sales: Step Outside Comfort Zones

Sales growth requires developing new skills and techniques. Developing these skills and techniques necessitates change. The single mode to change is to get out of our comfort zones. Fear of moving out of comfort zones holds many sales people prisoner causing stagnation in expertise and sales. Fear of the unknown and failure is strongly conditioned in us; it's a natural human condition. Yet, we have the ability to overcome fear.Progress involves moving forward, stepping outside what's comfortable and taking risks. The secret to success is mastering our emotions. Mastering our emotions is nothing more than courageously taking one step outside our comfort zones, then another, and then another. If necessary, take baby steps. Before we know it we are looking back and realizing how far we have come. We will be amazed at ourselves!Sure, we can live a lasting and relatively decent existence within our comfort zones, but I have never seen a master sales person satisfied with status quo. To better ourselves we must learn to dream big dreams and change any limiting mindsets. Our greatest possible triumphs pass us by when we refuse to take those steps outside our barriers.The benefits awaiting us are many. We become mentally stronger, more willing to face and overcome our fears. We begin to see fears as challenges to conquer rather than chains confining us. We experiment with different sales concepts. Our world view expands, opening our sales world to greater flexibility and out-of-the-box ideas. We become highly respected, and noticed as a leader by both sales managers and peers.

The personal success we experience in sales will heighten our sense of self-worth. As such, we will sleep better, embrace a more optimistic perspective, and experience a greater drive.Of course, fear outside our comfort zones will always be there, like a daemon lurking at our doorsteps. However, our comfort zone will grow bigger and bigger with every step. Once we get used to refusing to be trapped, our fears will no longer be an insurmountable barrier. Our sales success is dependent on how prepared we are to overcome your inner daemons and take risks to move ourselves beyond our present limits. We will experience the initial awkwardness of doing something different; that's only natural, but not limiting.There many people who will never be willing to take those steps. That puts us ahead of the majority. It is time to be strategic, making the most of the sales opportunities awaiting us. Once we settle into our bold new mindset and get started, we will begin to soar, making the most of our lives.We might be the only ones genuinely who learn to be comfy with the ambiguity involved. The quality to distinguish ourselves from our competition could heighten our organization's perception of us much faster than we ever imagined. We will find that there are more possibilities now than ever before. All we need to do is change the way we have been thinking and judging ourselves. Let's visualize our goals beyond those comfortable sales zones we have been in. Let's visualize everything about it - see it feel it and hear it, smell it and taste it! Success awaits you!