Saturday, July 19, 2014

How To Generate Business As A Car Salesman

Trust In The SystemThese nuggets of wisdom come directly from the Book of Proverbs, Chapter Three. The chapter leads off by saying, "don't forget my teaching." The teaching here is the standard for living a righteous life. From a business perspective, think of it as reminding you to use the system upon which you were trained. Trust the system. Remember what you were taught so that you do not deviate from its intent.You see seasoned sales people such as yourself become so engrossed in the sale that often times the system is forgotten. The system was tested, adjusted and tested again. But it's there to make yours and the customer's experience routinely the same. You know what to do and what to expect, and the customer gets the service the system was setup to provide. Trust the System.Trust The TruthI know that car sales folks get a bum rap. Whenever there is reference to slimy sales people, for some reason the car sales guys/gals get pegged with the moniker. If you are wearing that label because you stretch the truth or exaggerate, then you need to stop that nonsense. You give everyone else a bad name; but more importantly, you are building your legacy on a lie. Even the smallest exaggeration is a lie.Do you want to build a solid career in sales- one that people desire to do business with? Be known for the truth. Never exaggerate; never promise something you can't deliver. Be a "Boy Scout" of "Girl Scout", one the customer knows they can trust because you always tell the truth.

Want to know how valuable trust is? Ask your boss. Probably he will say that trust is the number one attribute that brings back the customers. It's not price; it's trust!Trust In GodIf I had to lean on my own understanding, this guy would have fallen over long ago. Lean on God's understanding. He sees the people walking into your office. He knows what's behind their steering wheel. Perhaps not closing the deal is not an affront against you as it is that God is protecting them from a bad decision. By that I mean a decision that will derail their finances, not from the product or service you have to offer. You just never know how God influences the buyer's decision.Be a steward of sales. That is, you have been given a wonderful gift. Personally I wish my gift were stronger in that area. Trust God to use your gift in a way that will bring Him the most glory. Contrary to everyone's belief, it's not about you, me or anyone else. It's about bringing glory to God.You have been uniquely crafted to use your gift of sales. Use it wisely; don't take things so personally.

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