Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Best 15 Minutes Of Every Selling Day

Here it is plain and simple, short and sweet. Another example of Selling made simple.Imagine you are working with your sales manager and as you recap the daily schedule for him, he asks one or more of these questions.=> What's the purpose of the sales call?=> What do you want to accomplish here today?=> Why are we making this call?=> What's the reason for the call?=> What's the primary sales objective for this call?How would you respond? Would your response include vague and general comments such as:=>> to make a sale=>> to introduce a product=>> to demonstrate a product=>> to do a review=>> to find out about the customer's needsOr would you respond with very specific sales call objectives that are so specific they could pass through an eye of a needle? There are several key advantages to preparing specific call objectives for every call.But first, when should you plan these objectives? There's no one good time; however, the best planners always try to set aside the same time each day to map out their sales call objectives and strategies.You may want to devote fifteen minutes at the end of each day preparing the objectives for the next day. Some reps prefer to do it the evening before, and still others like to do it early in the morning.

How specific should you be when planning your sales call objectives? Consider this: how specific would you want to be if you knew there was a very high correlation between specific objectives and desired results. When you plan exactly what you want to achieve during the sales call, you become incredibly focused and so does the customer.Here are five reasons why you should spend at least fifteen minutes every day planning specific sales call objectives. Consider this, most salespeople do not have specific written sales call objectives. Pity the poor customer. Don't you think he can tell the difference between a sales rep who has a plan and a sales rep who is flying by the seat of his pants?1. You'll achieve "definition of purpose."2. The objectives will direct and guide you during the sales call.3. The customer will know why you're there.4. Your focused efforts will eliminate wasted time.5. You'll be able to measure results on every call.The better your plan, the better your selling results will be. If you'll invest fifteen minutes every sales day to setting specific call objectives, you will turbo-charge your selling effort and dramatically improve your sales performance.

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