Monday, September 1, 2014

Selling Is Just Like Dating: The 7-Step Sales Process

Salespeople have gained a bad reputation over the years. Typical consumers will automatically shut them off when they hear that they're from that company selling this product. Now if this is the case, how are you going to be able to sell your products if most, though not all, consumers are not willing to listen to your sales team anymore?Luckily, selling can be compared to dating. Sometimes, you need to take it slowly but surely.Finding your prospectsIn dating, you don't go out and feel like dating everybody, right? The same goes with professional selling, you don't just venture in the field and offer your product to everybody. Though sometimes it can work. Just think of the time and effort you're going to waste compare to having your leads qualified into the people who really needs your product.Pre-approachOf course, the first date will always be the getting-to-know-each-other phase. The next step after having your qualified leads will be the pre-selling or the pre-approach which is more like having a first date with your potential customer. You have to know more about your consumer and determine their needs. This is an important part because this is where you will get the information needed for your presentation.Make a great initial impressionIn sales, this process is more known to be the approach. Obviously, it's just the continuation of the previous step. This is the part where you'll be confirming the needs you determined on the pre-approach. This is where you will make a great initial impression to your potential consumers since the pre-approach is usually done through calls. The ambiance of the place should also be considered thoroughly. The place where you'll be meeting your potential clients should give a look of professionalism and credibility. One good option is to set the meeting in an elegant and professional serviced office where you'll get a ready-made office for your company. Learning how to build rapport and making your audience feel at ease before starting the presentation is always a must. Otherwise, you'll probably look incompetent as a salesperson.

Present like it's now or neverIn dating, think of it as your first and last chance to win someone over. In sales, this is your only chance to make them see the unique selling proposition of your product. I'll leave you with a thought to ponder upon from Bill Gates, "You know how you survive? You make people need you. You survive because you make them need what you have. And then they have nowhere else to go."Absorb the rejections but bounce backRemember that it's better to hear questions from your prospects rather than hearing nothing at all because it means, at least, they're interested to know more about your offering. Don't worry. Having an objection in a presentation is just normal. It doesn't mean that you don't have a chance anymore to close the deal. There are different strategies on how to handle an objection and you should know which one is the most appropriate to use depending on the issue raised by the consumer.Close it properlyThis step requires a perfect timing. You should never be too early nor too late. Either of the two, you must never fail to close your sale. Make sure that there are no more objections from your potential customer and see to it that you've answered all their questions nicely. Don't be pressured on closing the deal but don't be too relaxed either.Commit to a long term relationshipIf you have already turned your potential lead to a customer, be ready to commit into a long-term relationship with them. Not because you're done with your selling, you'll leave them hanging in the air. Follow-ups should always be done to make sure that the promises made are not underdelivered. Remember to stay in touch, you'll never know you might get a referral from them too.So, there you have it! This step by step process may take a lot of time and effort but this will eventually pay off in the end.

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