Thursday, November 13, 2014

21 Mistakes Inexperienced Exhibit Booth Staff Make That Professionals Don't

Successful booth exhibits are full of personality and humming with energy to help sell products and services. As obvious as some of the listed items below may seem, too often exhibit booth staff are seen making common mistakes year after year. It certainly shows who is prepared and experienced, and who isn't.A reputable model and talent agency emphasizes basic fundamentals to models and booth staff employees who would like to challenge themselves and earn a place in the modeling business by demonstrating products, generating leads, making presentations, gathering crowds, and supplementing sales efforts of the company they represent at trade shows and events.Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes early and never arrive late.
Never cancel a booking once accepted. Once you have taken the job, never make excuses for missing an engagement.
Plan for traffic and parking issues at the convention center; there is always traffic congestion and parking issues at the convention centers nationwide.
Bring cash for parking.
Wear comfortable shoes to walk in from your car to the convention hall, and then put your heels on (if you are wearing heels) so your feet aren't tired when you get to the booth.
Allow extra time to get your exhibitor's identification badge. There are always lines getting the badges and this can delay you.
Have your contact person's cell phone number at hand in case you can't get your badge. With today's security concerns, often models have difficulty getting their badges and must contact the client.

Always show up ready with a smile on your face along with an upbeat personality. Appear with your clothes pressed and looking professional.
Be prompt, polite, and engaging every day! For the most part, you are performing to a passing parade.
Always look freshly groomed; makeup/lipstick attractively applied, and hair trimmed and combed or brushed tastefully.
Always confirm with client on how long you have for lunch and breaks. Never leave the booth without letting the client know.
Remain engaged with the attendees. Don't stand around and talk with friends or other employees in your booth at the convention.
Never wear revealing apparel or wardrobe too tightly.
Never expose tattoos or body piercings other than one single ear piercing.
Never drink, eat, chew gum, or remove your shoes while in the booth.
Never talk or text on your cell phone in the booth. Use your cell phone on your break.
Never drink alcoholic beverages onsite or during contracted work hours.
Never give your phone or contact information out to the client or to others.
Always refer business back to the agency who booked you.
Be prepared. Ask the client as much in advance as possible about the product you are representing and learn as much as you need to so that you can talk intelligently with customers entering the booth.
Learn names of key people that you will refer visitors to that can close the sale.

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