Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Secrets for Better Custom Lead Generation

Every company operates differently, and each requires a specialized custom lead generation plan. Some businesses are focused on how to increase the number of leads they receive. Others are looking to create methods to glean better quality leads. With such an important role in a company growth plan, it is important to put time and effort into how leads are generated and how they are handled internally through the marketing funnel. Some approaches are traditional and have been part of better business practices for years. Others take advantage of new technology and developing trends. A company interested in maximizing their conversion levels will take a serious look at their current processes, in order to be certain there is not redundancy, lost opportunities, and wasted staff time.1. Well designed Web siteOne of the most powerful modern tools for custom lead generation is a well designed website. Rather than focusing on what needs to be sold or promoted by the company, the design should be centered around presenting solutions to the ideal customer. The most important information should be at the top of the page, so the user does not have to scroll or click through cluttered content for what they need. It is also wise for a site to be easily viewed on multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones. Working to optimize success with search results is also a must.2. Create shareable contentOne of the least expensive and easiest ways to increase custom lead generation is by utilizing social media. While it does take time and effort to maintain accounts with various services, most are free and only require staff time to run. Time spent on them can be reduced by creating content calendars, so the information is ready and only needs to be posted and updated periodically. The goal is to create posted information that is original, relevant, and to the point. That allows for a greater likelihood of being shared and promoted by followers, which is where social media really pays off with the time put into it.

3. Carefully crafted calls to actionIf a customer takes the time to seek a solution for their problem and lands on a company Web site, it is the perfect opportunity to convert them to a customer. They are looking for information and are ready and willing to do business. They should have clear instructions on what to do in order take the next step. All tools used to direct people to more information should be easy to see and understand. Buttons, hyper links, icons, and phone numbers should be arranged on the page in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to find. If a lead gets frustrated, they will simply find another website for another company that is easier to use.4. Help current customers promote youThose happy customers that are currently being served can be a company's most effective marketing tool. Their word of mouth promotion to friends and acquaintance is a custom lead generation that not only gets an audience with new leads, but also sets up that introduction with a personal recommendation. They build trust and make a potential lead convert to a customer more quickly. Of course, the burden is always on the company to maintain a high quality of service and keep the business of new customers.5. AnalyticsHaving the most sophisticated marketing plan doesn't do a company much good unless there are methods in place to collect, read, and analyze information for the results. By using analytics, the marketing mix can be assessed and updated as needed. With the right marketing dashboards or programs, the various channels used by any company can be monitored for their strengths and weaknesses. That allows a highly personalized and effective approach to custom lead generation.

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