Monday, October 13, 2014

Advertising Sales Reps - Increase ROI and Secure Your Renewal!

I worked in media for over 15 years. Whether it was 1999 or 2014 one of the biggest buzz phrases was always "ROI" or Return on Investment. It's one of the hardest things to ensure as a media rep or track as a business owner. But whether it was your media campaign that failed or not your customer will blame you and you will have that dreaded conversation upon renewal of the campaign "I didn't get the return I expected, I won't be investing with you again".There are so many factors that play a role in this. You did your part. You worked in-house to create a catchy campaign, you used the right products to reach the desired target audience, and you actually had a client that was ready to invest in the right quantity and length of time before judging success. To the best of your knowledge, it should have worked. Did your ad campaign truly fail or was it something beyond your control? So, what happens when you create a fantastic ad campaign, people are talking about it, there is a buzz in the marketplace, foot traffic increases at an amazing rate... but the bottom line doesn't?As media consultants we know that most advertising customers have no idea how to track the success of their ad campaigns. They make snap judgments about why their advertising didn't work and it is a lot easier to blame you than except that it could be something internal that is the problem.No matter how good the ad campaign, all of your hard work will go down the toilet (along with your renewal) if you drive customers to their doorstep but they don't buy. So, what else can you do to help improve your renewal rate? Develop a relationship with a quality janitorial service. You worked so hard to create an image with the advertising so it is a must that the client provides the same professional image in-house. Little things count, fingerprints on the entry door or receptionist counter, dusty chairs, dull floors, unpleasant smells. Potential customers notice these things, and believe it or not, make buying or service decisions on how comfortable they will be when they visit their environment.

So how do you go about making this connection for your customer? You have been to their business establishment. Pay attention to the professionalism, cleanliness, odd smells etc.. If you notice that they could use help with their overall image wait until you have built a good relationship and established yourself as a consultant. Wait until your ad contract is signed. You can simply give them some tips in preparation for the increase in foot traffic, one included, to have a detailed cleaning done prior to the start of the campaign (not that you noticed that they need it of course, just as a suggestion that you make to all of your clients). If they don't already have a relationship, suggest your cleaner of choice. The cleaner of your choice should be one that is focused on improving the image of their clients.An ad campaign cannot be successful if your client does not clean up in-house first. Be sure your client invests in professional routine janitorial services or at the very least a bi-monthly detailed cleaning prior to the start of your campaign to increase your potential for a renewal.

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